About Ben Troupe

MY name is Benjamin Troupe and I want to welcome you to my website. First and foremost want to thank God for this opportunity and know that the honor, the glory, and the praise goes to him; that without him I am truly nothing. I chose to do a website because I wanted to give people an opportunity to better understand me as a person, give an outlet to my thoughts, passions, what I truly value and believe in,  what brings me great joy and what I feel gives my life true meaning.

My mission is to help change the mindset and level of expectation in our generation as a whole. Take the clay of negativity and mold it into positive thinking. No longer accepting mediocrity, but only the pursuit of excellence.

Excite in our youth the importance of a college education and that without it, your options are very limited. Implement into our young people -as well as adults, the work ethic and drive that takes to fulfill every dream and goal they have set for themselves through positive reinforcement and motivation. I hope that after your visit to my website you will have a better understanding of me. Always "keep god first" and "individuality is key".


I was born on Sept 1st 1982 in Swainsboro Georgia.  I love Swainsboro because I like to refer to it as: “my humble beginnings”.  I am an extremely humble individual; I get humbled more and more each passing day.

I truly can’t thank God enough for how he blesses me.  Swainsboro is a tiny community where everyone know each other.  My childhood years were spent in Swainsboro, that's where I first fell in love with the game of football and the love for it has only gotten stronger since then.

I lived in Swainsboro until half way through my fifth grade year then, I moved to Augusta Georgia.  I graduated high school from George P. Butler High School, where I received a full athletic scholarship to go the University of Florida.

I attended the University of Florida from 2000-2003. One of my particular moves - and the one that I’m often asked about, is jumping over opposing defenders. While playing for the Gators, I was often referred to as 'The Leaping Lizard". I was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the 2nd round of the 2004 NFL draft and was the top draft pick of the team that year.  In college, I received first team all American honors from various sport affiliations. I also received 1st team All SEC honors in college.

I played for the Titans for 4 years then, I played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well as the Oakland Raiders.  Although my football career is far from over this is my opportunity to display my other talents and share them with the world.

Feel free to navigate through my website, know more about my events, what I do and if you feel you can help or want me to help you on your event, please contact me.

Thank you!



WEAWEN is a motto that I came up with, truly believe in and ultimately live by.  The motto known as WEAWEN simply stands for WE ALL WE GOT WE ALL WE NEED.

I strongly believe in this because as a nation and even as a generation, we must adopt a conscience of togetherness, unity and truly embracing one another.

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